David Divad Opens Friends Island in His Heart

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Chanted friendship in his songs more than once David Divad @david_divad_official. The multifaceted theme of affection and fidelity is inexhaustible, and today the author and performer introduces fans to a new single - about a magical, warm island of friends, where people are happy together...

David Divad
David Divad

“Over the years I have lived, like many people, I have seen a lot of betrayal and hypocrisy. You will not name each other, many neglect this, hastily pronouncing the word “friend”, pursuing selfish goals. Such words, if they are not confirmed by the sincerity and sincerity of the heart, are worth little.
If you think about honest and verified, then, in fact, there is a separate island in your heart, where exactly your close friends live. And this small island must be protected from earthquakes, shocks and tsunamis.
In the song that we are performing with Anatoly Mogilevsky, there are such words: “Friends are a high reward. Friends are given to us by the Lord. Reliable friends are few in life, friends must be valued. ” I really like this expression, it very faithfully reflects my thought, which I also wanted to convey in the new composition. Nowadays, with the advent of the Internet, warmth and sincerity disappeared from communication, and people's actions, for their own benefit, are often not at all kind.
I want some people to think that it is impossible to live without real friends. When you know that a person who is not even a blood borate for you exists and can support you at any moment. And for which you can safely become a wall, risking your life, not thinking how dangerous it is, to go after another at any difficult moment for him.
We all are not without sin, we must forgive, so that we are also forgiven, but it’s better not to make mistakes, for which you can then repent for a long time and suffer the rest of your life. It is necessary to take care of this island in the soul and value its inhabitants.
Let the song speak for itself, and I wish all my listeners to have only wonderful and sincere open people next to them!” - says David Divad.

Listen and download David Divad’s song “Island of Friends”


Lyrics of David Divad's "Island of Friends"

Thank you for brightening my life
My beloved and faithful friends!
Not hypocritical, not wasting words in vain,
I am proud of you, my strong family!

And it makes no difference when we started to be friends.
Praise be to the Almighty, fate brought us all together.
At the first call we fly in friendship,
And there are no barriers, no matter what the case.

Island of friends, the world is endless.
The island of friends is healing my soul.
Friends Island, let me keep warm
With the warmth of your hands I feel the heart.

Friends island, the world is endless
Island of friends, there are our meetings
Friends Island I dream at night
Happy friends of my face.

Our feasts are always sacredly brightened by feeling,
After all, this is sincerity without edge and end.
Only our years - they, in general, are deceptive,
And the head of a friend is covered with gray hair.

And don't be sad when we get together
Although survived a lot of bitterness in full.
But it’s very important for me on any holidays,
So that my glorious friends smile.

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