David Divad presented a new single - "Aleko's Angels"

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Melodic composition "Aleko's Angels" David Divad dedicated to the family of his close friend

In an effort to remind the world of the most important thing - family values, inspired by the atmosphere of love and care that Aliko created in his home, David decided to convey emotions in the song. And the angels in it are two girls - Anna-Veronica and Victoria - the daughters of his friend.

David Divad
David Divad

“Aliko is my soulful brother, therefore I am very fond of his family,” says the performer, “but the more I observe the tenderness with which he treats his daughters and his wife, how he takes care of them, how much he gives warmth, the more I am pleasantly surprised. This is probably the first time I see a father running around with his children, protecting them like a guardian angel. This not only touches, but makes you think about the most important. So I decided to tell the audience about it.
"Aleko's Angels" is a dedication song, it is like a living monument, perpetuating love and understanding. I worked on it for two years, with every word, every note trying to convey how a father loves his daughters, his wife, his family. I want people to feel this warmth and be imbued with it, realizing what the relationship in the house should be like.
I hope that I will kindle at least a small flame of kindness in the heart of each of my listeners, and they will remember that family values ​​are the most important thing in our life! "

Listen and download the song Davida Divada "Aleko's Angels"


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