David Divad. “Native and sweet”

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Meet the novelty - a romantic composition from the author and performer David Divad @david_divad_official - “Dear and Sweet”, which sings about faith in love and hope in the bright.

David Divad
David Divad

“All that is beautiful that surrounds us is created by love. But sometimes, due to our carelessness and because of our irresponsibility, we ruin it. But love must be nourished with its energy, fed like a flower so that it does not fade, does not disappear. She didn’t leave our hearts. This does not always work, because people can make mistakes, no one is safe from this, but you always need to value what you have and not waste your feelings. This is what my new song is about.
I want to thank separately the wonderful musician Diman Gasporyan for the part on the duduk that adorned this composition so much and remind its listeners that this track will be played live for the first time on my solo concert to be held in Moscow, November 9", says David Divad.

Listen and download David Divad's song “Native and Sweetheart”


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