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The track "Shekhi" by David Divad appeared on digital showcases

In the repertoire Davida Divada there are many songs dedicated to people close to him, fellow countrymen, cultural figures, the artist's native places and countries and, of course, entire nations. Today's novelty is also a dedication song, the history of which the author and performer tells as follows:

David Divad
David Divad

“Shekhi are Yezidi priests. I grew up in the circle of Yezidis, I have been friends with this people since childhood, I know their customs, traditions, customs. I know how noble people are, I respect them very much. Therefore, he simply could not help writing such a composition.
I have many Shekhov friends, our meetings are always full of warmth, love and joy. I want this song to also give the most pleasant emotions to them and to all my listeners, whom I sincerely advise to learn and study the religion of neighboring peoples. This knowledge, I am sure, would in many respects change people's views on each other, would help them to get closer. Indeed, without mutual respect and understanding, there is no friendship, there is no unity. And they are very important for a happy life in society. "

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