David Divad: "Tbilisi Evenings in Moscow"

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“Gamarjoba genatsvale” is the name of the cultural and creative movement, within which the popular author and performer David Divad holds musical evenings in Moscow where fans of good music gather.

Events are held in the restaurant "Khinkalnaya on Suschevka." Russian pop stars often perform here, and more recently the holding of thematic events, the idea and organization of which belongs to David, has become a good tradition.

“I moved to Moscow 9 months ago. I’ve already looked and researched everything, talked to people knowledgeable in various fields and concluded for myself that the best thing I can do here is promote artists, both popular in various regions of the Caucasus and beginners. I was already doing something similar in Rostov, where I lived with my family, and therefore my previous connections and experience helped me a lot,” says the artist.

In the previously mentioned restaurant, “Tbilisi evenings” are being held with success now, where artists and spectators of different nationalities gather to have fun in a pleasant atmosphere, to remember everyone’s favorite songs, and also to listen to new ones. David gave an opportunity to novice singers to perform on the same stage with eminent artists, and the audience - to get acquainted with the diversity of cultures of the Caucasian nationalities.

“I want beginners, talented, promising performers to have the opportunity to show themselves. Speak to the public, declare yourself. The path to success is very difficult and easier for them to help - one of the key tasks.

“Tbilisi evenings in Moscow”
“Tbilisi evenings in Moscow” in August

We have already spent 4 such evenings. It was hard to start, because at my solo concerts I don’t worry as much as I do about all these organizational issues. But everything went well and every time it became more fun, more powerful, new people, new stars. Despite the fact that it’s not even the season, everything is going very well. The last two parties were a blast - we left only at 4-5 o'clock in the morning! Everyone is happy, which means the main goal has been achieved. People come with pleasure, because they know that there is fun here, they talk about the main thing, songs of completely different nationalities and different emotional ranges are sung here. We create the atmosphere of Tbilisi evenings. What does “Tbilisi evenings” mean? Why not “Georgian Evenings”? 180 nationalities lived in Tbilisi, not counting nationalities. I can say that many people, coming to Tbilisi, stayed to live there. There were houses in which representatives of many different nationalities lived in one entrance. And the coolest thing was that when a holiday came, the neighbors would get together and real magic would happen! Cuisine, represented by an abundance of food from different nations, music and dances of different cultures. And now it is precisely this atmosphere that we are reviving,” says David.

In addition to such meetings, the artist plans evenings of other formats. So, starting from September, evenings of author’s music will be held every Wednesday, on Sundays - Jewish, and once a month - Yezidi evenings. This is a great opportunity for aspiring artists to show themselves.

Contact the performances for the next party, please call: 8 (916) 838 7484, book tables: 8 (910) 002 2510.

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