More than three years have passed since the release of the song “Freestyle Wrestling,” which rapper Adler wrote and performed in a duet with Azamat Pheshkhov. Over the years, the track has gained so much popularity that it has become known far beyond the borders of the republic, and now Russian athletes use it as an audio calling card when entering the ring. A striking example of this is the recent release of 2-time MMA world champion David Shvelidze.

World Champion in MMA David Shvelidze
World Champion in MMA David Shvelidze

The fact that an athlete of this scale chose this particular song caused pride in our artists.

“I myself practiced freestyle wrestling for several years. And this was a bright episode of my life. Therefore, I simply could not help but dedicate at least one song to this sport. Well, the fact that it has become close and understandable to people is especially pleasant. So I did everything right. The desire to win is an important character trait of any man, and I sincerely wish all of them to achieve it,” says Adler.


VIDEO (date of filming - April 2013)