Dibir Abaev "Just wait" - new release!

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Meet the new song of Dibir Abaev - "Just wait"

This is a life-affirming, positive song that after any separation there will be a meeting, and a new day brings new hope.

The poems for the composition were written by Patimat Abaeva, the music was written by the performer himself.

Dibir Abaev
Dibir Abaev

“There are words that delight the soul and have a calming effect on the heart - you will hear them in this song,” says Dibir Abaev, - believe in good things, give each other warmth! And I give you this sunny composition about love and happiness! "

You can already listen to "Just Wait" on streaming sites and on our website. And soon another novelty will appear in Dibir Abaev's repertoire:

“I am working on a track, very soulful and touching, which is written specifically for one of the most exciting moments at weddings - the dance of father and daughter,” the performer shared. The premiere of the new song is scheduled for August.

Listen and download Dibir Abaev's song "Just wait"


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