July 27, 2018 premiere of the single “No Brainer”

Famous American beatmaker of Palestinian origin DJ Khaled (Khaled bin Abdul Khalid) released his new work on July 27, entitled “No Brainer”. DJ Khaled has been known in the world of show business since 2006, and during his musical career he has released 10 full-fledged studio albums, the most popular of which is considered to be the “Grateful” 2017 collection.

The novelty “No Brainer” is interesting for fans of the artist because in addition to Khaled, such stars as Canadian singer Justin Drew Bieber, Chance the Rapper (hip-hop artist from Chicago Chanselore Jonathan Bennett) and Quavo (rapper) were involved in its production. Quavious Keyate Marshall, Georgia, USA).

Listen to DJ Khaled song “No Brainer”

According to the portal intermedia.ru, the song will be included in the new album of the musician "Father of Asahd", the release of which should take place in 2018 year.

Video clip for the song “No Brainer”

Simultaneously with the release of the track, the singer presented a video clip with the same name, which proved his extraordinary performance.

The video, in the filming of which all the artists took part, was presented by the artist’s official channel on YouTube. Despite the fact that the entire video was made against the backdrop of cardboard decorations and painted clouds, it leaves the fans with the most positive impression: in four incomplete days the number of views exceeded the mark of 25 million, and the number of comments - 100 thousand. Although not all of them are rosy: some put it in the sense that “Justin Bieber looks like a white guy with a son in jail,” one user called him like a homeless person and the other like a pizza delivery man.

Well, of course, it is impossible to please all viewers at once, especially if there are so many of them. We invite you to independently evaluate this work.

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