Dmitry Yurkov will perform in Nalchik

Dmitry Yurkov will present the album "Diagnosis of the Caucasus" in Nalchik

Author and performer Dmitry Yurkov @ dmitriy.yurkov gave his listeners a lot of beautiful compositions about love and homeland, about friendship and about life in general. A separate place in the artist’s works is devoted to the Caucasus, its beauty and, of course, people; their culture, traditions and customs. That is why Yurkov’s songs are so popular among listeners of various nationalities.

On November 29, residents and guests of Nalchik have a chance to meet with the singer and enjoy his "Caucasian" repertoire! In the trade union center “Trade Unions” a large author’s concert by Dmitry Yurkov will be held, which will host the presentation of the album entitled “Diagnosis of the Caucasus”!

Guests will also speak Azamat Tsavkilov @azamat_tsavkilov, Eldar Atmurzayev and the ensemble of national dance "Bund."

Inquiries by phone (8662) 407-161.


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