Days of Ingushetian culture this summer will be held in Paris

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Ingushetia's creative delegation to visit France

At the end of June this year, a creative delegation from the Republic of Ingushetia plans to hold its cultural and educational event - “Days of Ingush Culture” in the capital of France.

The event is organized by the Ministry of Culture and Archival Affairs of the Republic of Ingushetia, headed by Maret Gazdieva. It is expected that the host party will be chaired by the Chairman of the Association Center for International Cooperation, Solidarity, Exchange and Development West-East, Isa Bokov.

Days of Culture of Ingushetia Photo from
Days of Culture of Ingushetia Photo from

The purpose of the "Days ..." will be to further familiarize the inhabitants of France with the culture, customs and traditions of the Ingush people, during which it is planned to organize and conduct concert programs with the participation of the stars of Ingushetia, art exhibitions, documentary film sessions about the Republic, as well as tasting by visitors and participants of dishes national cuisine of the people of Ingushetia.

Also, according to the press service of the Ministry of Culture and Archival Affairs of the Republic of Ingushetia, it is specified that at the organized exhibitions, the audience from Paris will be shown paintings by famous Ingush artists, works of decorative and applied art and traditional national clothing of the Ingush people. In addition, the artists from Ingushetia, members of the delegation, will share their experience and skills with everyone present, organizing master classes in fine art. In addition to the classic creation of works of art, artists-masters will acquaint the inhabitants of Paris with the unique technology of making paintings of fish skin.

Unique technologies of Ingushetia will be presented in Paris

“Fish Skin” is a kind of Ingushetia brand created by the Ingush inventor and tanner Akhmed Shadiyev. It was he who was able to develop and introduce into production of paintings and things a truly unique technology for the manufacture of fish skins. This project by Ahmed has become very popular around the world: residents of China, Chile, Canada and all of Europe have already become acquainted with this amazing and unique technique of creating masterpieces and works. Among other things, the invention is very promising for our country, because with it it opens up the possibility of increasing the number of jobs, creating completely new creative works, developing in the future a new direction in the field of light industry.

As a material for the manufacture of works by masters, a wide range of fish can be used: trout, carp, grass carp, salmon, pinagor. sturgeon, sterlet.

Picture of fish skin. Photos from
Picture of fish skin. Photos from

Ingush artists will present a concert program in France

The concert program of the delegation will be presented by the performances of the State Folk Dance Ensemble “Ingushetia”, the pop group “Loam”, led by People's Artist of the Republic Timur Dzeytov and numbers of Honored Artists of the Republic of Ingushetia: Lema Nalgieva and the finalist of the project “Voice. Children ”- Ragdy Khanieva.

Ensemble "Ingushetia". Photos from
Ensemble "Ingushetia". Photos from

Also, the Ministry of Culture and Archival Affairs of the Republic of Ingushetia noted that the holding of similar events abroad by delegations from the republic provides an opportunity not only to acquaint foreigners with the culture and traditions of Ingushetia, but also to organize meetings with the Ingush diaspora living in other countries.

Based on materials, and Photo in the top from the site

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