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Together with the music publishing company "Zvuk-M" the second album was released Anorah - "Country of Love"!

It includes beautiful lyrical compositions, already beloved by the artist's fans, as well as hot incendiary hits, which will be a pleasant surprise for them.

The track list turned out to be very diverse and easily combines the seemingly incongruous: from frankly dance tracks with a tangible smack of the East to incendiary Latin American rhythms! And, of course, romantic duets with the stars of the Caucasian pop-stage are not bypassed - Magomed Alikperov и Aidamir Mugu.

A musical gift was prepared especially for the listeners of this album - a remix of the hit "Zvezda", performed by Anora together with Magomed Alikperov. The track has not lost its relevance to this day, and the new arrangement gave it charm.

The album is already available for download at iTunes, Google Play, Apple music, Music Beeline and Yandex Music.

Listen to Anora's album "Land of Love"

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