The premiere of the video "Eyes-Heaven"

On the day of 125 anniversary of the birth of the great Russian poet Vladimir Mayakovsky, the dynamic and bright duet of Sultan-Hurricane and Deniza Hekilayeva presents a joint track, written by Sultan on poems of his beloved poet.

The composition, called “Eyes-Heaven,” was based on the lines from the Mayakovsky poem “Good!” In October, which, according to Hurricane, was meant to show the general “other” Mayakovsky ...

Listen and download the song "Eyes of Heaven"

Sultan Uragan
Sultan Uragan

“This is one of the most controversial, but definitely one of my favorite poets. I highly recommend re-reading it and rediscovering not the Mayakovsky we studied at school, but the other, one that is surprisingly very modern and relevant now. Especially his lyrics. It is completely different: otherwise it explains and conveys to the reader words about love and other manifestations of human emotions. It feels like these are thoughts from a lacerated wound of his chest, and this, of course, cannot but touch ... ”, the performer comments.

One of the secrets of the “hurricane” of the new track is the successful combination of Sultan's talent with outstanding vocal and artistry of the super-finalist of the television project Voice. Children-4 "Deniza Hekilaeva. When asked why she is the one, the singer answers:

Deniz Hekilaeva
Deniz Hekilaeva

“Denise is a wonderful, talented girl. Of course, she has a great future, because she is a serious vocalist, despite her young age, her performing skills are at a high level. Of course, there is always something to strive for and where to go, but it will nevertheless give odds to many Russian artists! Therefore, I am happy and proud that we fulfilled my dream - we recorded this song, shot a video and present it to the general public today! ”

The premiere of the track coincided with the release of the aforementioned clip, which was filmed by director Zalim Bisher. Here, the Sultan also decided to show imagination and invited to play in the video of the kids:

“We gathered our little actors who tried hard and sang along with pleasure. They are all so funny, funny! We also have carrots in the video, because the text also contains words about it ... In general, see for yourself! We really hope that you will enjoy our new project! ”, Says the artist.

You can watch the clip “Eyes-Heaven” right now on the YouTube channel of the music publishing house “Zvuk-M”, and listen to and download the new track - on all digital platforms!