The long-awaited video premiere - Liliya Shaulukhova “Mom, don’t scold”!

PremieresThe long-awaited video premiere - Lilia Shaulukhova "Mom, do not scold"!

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Presenting a touching story of two lovers who seek to be near, despite all the bans, presented today Lilia Shaulukhova in the new video - “Mom, don’t scold.” This premiere was eagerly awaited by the singer’s fans, who missed the artist’s videos and often wrote to her about it on social networks.

The director and screenwriter of the project was Artyom Gulaksizov, who chose for shooting the location of Nalchik and the picturesque views of Lake Bilym.

The role of the mother of the main character went to the actress of the Kabardian Theater Juliet Kazancheva, and the girl’s lover was played by Lilia’s husband, Alim Shibzukhov.

Lilia Shaulukhova
Lilia Shaulukhova

“All the days of filming were very positive,” says the singer, “we had a cheerful “mother”, the director constantly made us laugh, and one day I completely forgot to put the outfit for filming in the car and left without it! As a result, I starred in other things. By the way, that day we were not laughing for another reason - we went to Bylym, and we had to drive a car very high up the mountain. The road was narrow and it was simply impossible to look down. For those like me who are afraid of heights, this is very scary. But it was worth it - the viewer will see stunning views of the Caucasus in the frame!
Despite the fact that the video contains threats, abductions, and tears, all this was filed in such a way that the video turned out to be fun, easy, and the story itself, when you have to go against the will of the parents for the sake of love, resembles the usual “Caucasian situations” between two lovers. The main thing is that everything ends well. But the audience has yet to make sure! I wish you all a pleasant viewing! ”

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