A worthy son of the Caucasus, Honored Artist of the KBR Azamat Tsavkilov wins the hearts of millions of viewers on the federal channel of Russia

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On Sunday, November 13 at 18:00, visiting Andrey Malakhov, talented people will gather at one large round table who have something to be proud of, something to sing about, tell and share dreams

An incendiary song from the bottom of my heart on Sunday evening will be presented to us by a popular performer Azamat Tsavkilov. The artist of the music publishing house "Zvuk-M" will talk about his personal life, invite the audience to his home and introduce him to close people. Get ready to sing, dance and enjoy life with Azamat! We invite you to watch Andrey Malakhov's musical show "Songs from the Heart" on the Russia-1 TV channel.

A worthy son of the Caucasus, Honored Artist of the KBR Azamat Tsavkilov wins the hearts of millions of viewers on the federal channel of Russia

Interestingly, on November 13, for the first time ever, the program "Songs from the Heart" will be divided into two parts: the first part begins at 17:00, and the second part of the program continues at 19:00.

Between them, at 18:00, the management of the TV channel decided to broadcast the Blue Bird program. We wish you a pleasant Sunday evening with Andrey Malakhov and Azamat Tsavkilov!

Azamat Tsavkilov
Azamat Tsavkilov

“I received an invitation to take part in the program through the Zvuk-M music publishing house, with whose team I have been successfully working for a long time. We discussed the proposal with the team and made a joint decision that it was necessary to go in order to give the audience a good mood. In addition, for me personally, it will be a unique experience.

Because, despite my decent work experience on the stage, this is my first invitation to the all-Russian federal television channel and performing in front of a million audience without a double is quite exciting.

Filming is already in full swing, and I was especially struck by the coherence of the work of Andrey Malakhov's team: taking into account the entire amount of work on organizing the transfer, you involuntarily admire the professionalism of the guys. To see this work from the inside and understand at the same time what kind of picture we see on the screen is worth a lot.

Behind the scenes of the program, you see the mood of all the guests: after all, almost all of them are not professional artists and for the first time on television, this is an incredible anticipation of something new, unknown. And it's also great that the older generation is invited, it gives a certain additional charge and the fear of the camera almost completely disappears.

Now that all the main episodes have already been filmed, I would like to review my speech and dialogue with Andrey, and then, as it seems to me, I would have sung better and answered questions more openly, but this is the beauty of the fact that the recording is in progress and there are no repetitions. It's interesting, but it's like our life, not a single moment can be repeated, everything at once on a clean copy! Once again, an amazing experience for me.

In conclusion, I want to wish the readers and listeners of Zvuk-M peace and prosperity, and for my part I will try not to disappoint my listener, I will create, give goodness and joy to the best of my strength and capabilities.

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