Two new videos of Sultan Laguchev conquer YouTube

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Sultan Laguchev’s two latest video clips for the songs “Typhoon” and “Sweet Smell” are rapidly rising in YouTube trends

The video for the track “Typhoon,” released on March 6, is currently in 19th place, and “Sweet Smell,” released on February 21, is in 29th place. Both of our singer’s new films, filmed by the “OCTAVA PRODUCTION” team, found their audience and aroused interest among listeners.

Video clip "Typhoon"

Release date 06.03.2024/07.03.2024/130.000. Views as of 5.000/XNUMX/XNUMX - more than XNUMX, likes - more than XNUMX

In the lyrics of the song "Typhoon", Sultan expresses courage and determination, talking about how he laughs in the face of danger and is not afraid to take on challenges. Using the metaphor of a formidable natural phenomenon, the artist conveys the energy and uncontrollability of his character, readiness for any storms in life. The song's musical accompaniment emphasizes the dynamism, creating a captivating audiovisual performance.

Download a song:

Video clip “Sweet smell”

Release date 21.02.2024/07.03.2024/840.000. Views as of 11.000/XNUMX/XNUMX - more than XNUMX, likes - more than XNUMX

The single “Sweet Smell” reveals another side of Sultan Laguchev’s work. This composition talks about nostalgia for feelings that never became true love, about emotions that left an indelible mark in the hearts of two lovers. The song is filled with sophisticated lyrics, where the “sweet smell” becomes a symbol of unforgettable memories.

Download a song:

Sultan Laguchev, widely known in Russia and abroad for his hits and unique vocal style, with these videos once again confirms his deservedly high status in the music industry. His ability to combine Caucasian pop music with rich lyrics and emotional delivery makes his work especially attractive to a wide audience.

We wish Sultan Laguchev further creative success and new inspiring projects. His ability to create music that resonates with a wide audience will undoubtedly continue to delight fans and attract new listeners.

Official website of Sultan Laguchev, video, photo, poster:

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