Edo Barnaulsky. "Thank you for being"

Listen to the song “Thank you for being there” | Edo Barnaulsky

Artist: Edo Barnaul

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Premieres of Caucasian music

Zarina Tilidze. "Parents"

I am forever indebted to those who I live and breathe... Zarina Tilidze presented a composition about love for parents. Poetess Kameta Bersanova, composer Abrami Khanukashvili

Murat Tkhagalegov. "Gold and Pearls"

Gold and pearls... who needs it, tell me if your heart is full of deceit and lies... Murat Thagalegov presented a song-tale about love in the genre of Caucasian music. Poet and composer Alibek Gegiev

Anora. "Mi Amore"

The Caucasian song about boundless and all-consuming love was presented by the singer Anora. Poet and composer Kamil Abukarov

Reisan Magomedkerimov. "Son of Dagestan"

"And no matter how many foreign lands and countries I see, I will be forever faithful to you, my Dagestan!" Reisan Magomedkerimov presented a patriotic composition about his native land "Son of Dagestan"

Tofig Agalarov, MADURI. "Sweet"

Tofig Agalarov and MADURI presented a new track - "Honey"

ALIM ZU. "The Truth Is Here"

Alim Zu sang about modern filibusters in a new composition to the verses and music of Shamil Dzhazaev - "The Truth is Here"

Valery Milyutin. "Blue eyes"

Where are you so given to me, as if from heaven an angel came ... Valery Milyutin about love for a girl in the new single "Blue Eyes"

Alika Bogatyrev. "History on the Net"

Alika Bogatyryova spoke about disappointments in love through Telegram in the new track "History on the Net"