EGO. "I love you"

EGO. "I love you"


"I love you"

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I love you forgetting about everything
My sweetheart, for you, I will become a dream
But you don't know how your soul hurts for you
I'm not your enemy, remember for a moment

I'm alive, but my soul is wounded
My angel or devil, who is she
Outside the window, the night alone again
I drive thoughts away from you

They say love only comes once
They say she remains forever in spite of
I'm on fire in you, I'm almost extinguished
Do not you see? I'm dying, help

I'm in your captivity and as if locked up
Don't torment me - go and let me go
Yes, we are not together, and you say this is nonsense
But I love. Believe it or not

Not mine, I'm yours, you're not mine
Run away, it's all over again
Not mine, I'm yours, you're not mine
My dawn, you are my glow

Hundreds of years will pass, covering the earth with dust
My trace will disappear, the body is definitely not at all
Domed clouds will gather over the ground
And the dawn will darken dark

And then, through the clouds, the light will break through
Illuminated the darkness, reaching the bottom
Sweetheart it's me, but my answer is
Silence, silence, silence