As we wrote earlier in material from 6 March, this Saturday 11 numbers will premiere a new video Azamat Pheskhova "Wait, my dear." Meeting the expectations of the audience, the music publishing house “Zvuk-M” intends to release on your YouTube channel teaser for the video.

The teaser release is scheduled for March 9, that is, for tomorrow. Come on channel, you will not regret.

Meanwhile, the editors of the site are not sitting, idly and reconnaissance in Cherkessk.

And while Azamat fans are eagerly awaiting the teaser and the video itself, we managed to get backstage from the set. Backstage, as many people know, is a kind of secret video, not intended for the wide audience, or other behind-the-scenes recordings of the main shooting work processes, showing the inner kitchen and the back side of the shooting process.

By publishing this entry, we certainly run the risk, but nothing pleases our correspondents as much as the pleasure that our readers receive from reading the articles. Therefore, we take the opportunity to show you the backstage, and at the same time a few photos from the shooting area. We generally believe that the viewer has the right to receive as much information as possible about the subject that interested him, and since you are here, the video below is for you.

The video shows how the guys on the set literally blows away the wind. The lights of Cherkessk are in January shooting, even a dog that didn’t get to the video sketch, but which we see in the photo, and that one is cold.

Photo from the set of Azamat Pheskhov’s new video “Wait, dear”
Photo from the set of Azamat Pheskhov’s new video “Wait, dear”

By the way, the director of the video, Rifat Bagaudin, called this dog the smartest dog he had ever seen in his life. “She acted along with the actors and understood the director’s plan from the first time,” said Rifat.

You will learn about whose dog it was, who shot the backstage video and handed it to us to the editor, as well as other interesting facts about the new clip of Azamat Pheskhov from our next articles.

In the meantime, we are waiting for you channel "Zvuk-M" 9 March to view teaser!