Eldar Agachev, Cvetocek7 - Franklins | Video premiere 2023

Video clips. Music of the CaucasusEldar Agachev, Cvetocek7 - Franklins | Video premiere 2023

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A video clip has been released for a new track by the duet of Eldar Agachev and singer Cvetocek7 - “Franklins” - filled with a rethinking of the rules of love, relationships and their consequences in the modern world

Author of words and music Zarina Shakubaeva

Listen: https://zvuk-m.com/YBQOG

Vkontakte: https://vk.com/zvukmcom
Classmates: http://ok.ru/zvukm
Telegram: https://t.me/zvukmcom

Channel post date: 2023-12-15 19:00:00
Video length: 00:02:45
YouTube channel: ZVUKM TV


  1. And at night, friend, listen, don’t burden me
    my soul is darker than you
    this night was a mess
    Took that love poison out from under my skin

    I kissed me but was able to forget
    How did you run to him with vows of love?
    From the restaurant around the corner she flew away like a moth
    To give beautiful beauty for life

    The franklins franklins flew on the dresses
    Melted melted in someone else's arms
    Count and tell me how much from me
    I will pay for your love until that day

    Don't tell me stop don't tell me
    Give me a sip of smoke from your speeches and showers
    I prefer to play guitar strumming
    Everything between us is definitely too much
    While finishing those glasses, look who she has become
    She played with the light and lost herself in it


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