Eldar Agachev - A blue fire began to sweep | Video premiere 2022

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Performed in the expressive style characteristic of Eldar Agachev, the video clip presents Sergei Yesenin's elegy "The blue fire swept" on the streets of the night city

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There was a blue fire
Forgotten darling gave
For the first time I sang about love
For the first time I deny scandal

I was all - like a neglected garden
Was on women and avid potion
I'm happy to drink and dance
And lose your life without thinking

I would just look at you
See the eye of a golden-brown whirlpool
And so that the past is not loving
You couldn't go to another

Tread gentle, light camp
If you knew a stubborn heart
How does a bully know how to love
How can he be submissive

I'd forever forget the pubs
And I would give up writing poetry
Only to touch the hand thinly
And your hair color in autumn

I would forever follow you
At least in ours, at least in others' gave
For the first time I sang about love
For the first time I deny scandal

Channel post date: 2022-11-25 18:00:33
Video length: 00:02:24
YouTube channel: ZVUKM TV



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