Eme Emeev "Dagestan" - new release

New music publishingEme Emeev "Dagestan" - new release

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Eme Emeev presented a new single and video - "Dagestan"

Artist: Eme Emeev
Title: "Dagestan"

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Lyrics of Eme Emeev's song "Dagestan"

Not in books and not in songs
All the grace that blows here with us
You come one day and expand
Feel the atmosphere this time

The sea beats with playful waves
With the beauty of indescribable flowers
The mountains smell of freedom of the soul
From wild and gusty winds

Cleaving open spaces in heaven
Eagles soar holding a mighty camp
No earth can replace you
Our stately mountainous Dagestan

There is nothing more precious here
Here people are good-natured and simple
And brotherly peoples are everywhere together
They bring colors of wondrous vanity

Cheer up my friend and be sure
Here every guest is undoubtedly happy
The main thing is not to be arrogant
And respect the accepted adat here

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