Enrasta and Rustam Nakhushev. Is it one person or not? Dealing with the mystery

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In the midst of summer, Enrasta (music label "Delodilla Music") won the hearts of the audience of the popular music TV channel "Music of the First" at a grand filming concert in Moscow. A lot of time has passed, and the performance of the artist is still hotly discussed by his fans on the Internet.

Listeners often ask why there is so little information about the artist, and is it true that Enrasta and Rustam Nakhushev are the same person. Well, almost the secret of the year. To deal with this issue, we convinced a famous hip-hop artist to tell the whole truth.

After the triumphant appearance on stage of the performer "DeloDilla" Enrasta in 2018 with the album "Scarlet Sunset", rumors spread around the network about the similarity of the singer with Rustam Nakhushev, who had already gained popularity. By that time, he had already worked with the Zvuk-M music publishing house, and Nakhushev's hits Gypsy and Three Wishes were thundering in the Caucasus.

The concerts that followed after that (and video clips where the process could be paused and everything looked at) only added fuel to the fire. There was even information from "trustworthy sources" that Rustam has a twin brother, this is Enrasta.


“Yes, I fundamentally made the Enrasta project more than closed. Everything that I would like to tell about myself, about what is important to me, I record and show in my tracks and videos. At the same time, I am happy that I have my devoted listeners who have heard me and actively support me. Without you, there would be no Enrasta, there would be no success and ideas for the future. I have a lot of plans ahead, I'm going very carefully, I'm not in a hurry. It's all about mood, state of mind.

And, yes, Enrasta and Rustam Nakhushev are the same person. And at the same time, these are two different universes, creating for fans two different visions of our beautiful world, with its advantages and disadvantages, embodying the wildest dreams and striving to make people better. Whom would they prefer: Enrasta or Rustam Nakhushev? I wish you all health and of course the most beautiful and calm sky above your heads!”

For the readers of our site, we hasten to inform you that the premiere of a new single performed by Enrasta called "Time Doesn't Wait" is scheduled for November 11th. You can listen to the novelty on the official website of the label: https://delodillamusic.com/

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