Eros Ramazzotti released the first single “Vita Ce N'è” to the new self-titled album and video on it

A new song by the Italian artist Eros Ramazotti “Vita Ce N'è” (“There is Life”) and videos on it appeared on the network in two versions at once: in Spanish and Italian.

Within three and a half minutes of the video, the viewer witnesses the all-consuming love of two hearts surrounded by the modern metropolis with its joys, temptations and dramas.

The premiere of the album "Vita ce n'è" is scheduled for November 23 2018 of the year. AT interview Eros Ramazotti told the French edition of that the title of the album “reflects the state of the historical moment and gives positive impulses that he always received from his recordings for more than 30 years of creativity”

“This album is very important for me and my audience, because I am soon 55 years old, and it should indicate the intermediate results of my musical life,” the artist added.

The total time of work on the new album was more than one and a half years, such stars as Luis Fonsi and Canadian Italian-born singer Alessia Cara were involved in the work on the tracks. Also among the co-authors of the first single are Matteo Buzzanca and Domenico Calabró.

As part of supporting the album “Vita ce n'è”, Eros Ramazotti goes on a world tour, which starts 17 on February 2019 of the year in Munich, with subsequent concerts in Turin, Moscow (presumably 11 of October 2019 of the year), St. Petersburg (13 of October), and also Budapest, London, Prague and Amsterdam.