Festival "Newon" will be held in Tbilisi

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From November 30 to December 1, the capital of Georgia will host the "Newon" music festival, organized within the framework of the International Forum "Night Economy", which will bring together representatives of nine countries in Tbilisi.

“Newon” is designed to show the foreign guests the work of Georgian musicians. Festival participants will perform in various musical styles: hip-hop, indie rock, new jazz, electric and avant-garde pop music. According to the "Herald of the Caucasus" portal, guests of the event will be able to get closer to the works of Mindstreaming, Oimactta, Gacha, Jorjick, Bedford Falls and Young Georgian Lolitaz, Tamara, Nikakoi, Tusia Beridze, Killages, Moku Moku and Kordz.

The festival will be held in the industrial art hub «Elektrowerk».

In the diverse catalog of tracks of the music publishing house “Zvuk-M” there are also wonderful compositions performed by Georgian artists. We invite you to recall some of them ...

Photo: https://sputnik-georgia.ru

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