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Songs of Kabardino-Balkaria

Kabardians and Balkars have a solid folk song heritage. The region’s song folklore consists of many areas: historical, heroic, ritual, lyrical, mourning, workers' songs, wedding songs, dance songs and many others. They are sung on all family and public holidays to the sounds of string orchestras, harmonies and other folk instruments.

Of the local features of the performance of songs, it can be noted that lyrical songs, for example, are sung by married women or girls in the family hearth circle, funeral songs are based on the dates of the death of a hero or the death of a loved one in a war, and
working songs - after the harvest or plowing, with stories about the land, seedlings, about caring for plants and harvesting.

Song folklore of Kabardino-Balkaria has a special poetic imagery. The poetical and musical construction of folk songs usually looks like this: an elderly man starts singing with a singing recitative, and the male choir echoes him with a unison sound - without words, but very musical and expressive.

The soloist usually accompanies singing with gestures and gestures, as if telling the audience about events in which he himself participated. The song continues with new musical intonations and the development of a verbal story. Further, such a singing recitative gradually goes into an almost speech part, retaining only its own metrhythm, and the unison chorus strictly leads its melodic line to the end of the song.

Singers of Kabardino-Balkaria today

Music of Kabardino-Balkaria

Kabardinians and Balkars speak different languages, but since ancient times they have been united by a community of historical destinies, territory, and everyday life. There is much in common in the music of Kabardians and Balkars. The basis of folk music of the region is diatonic natural frets, as well as syncopated rhythms. Folk musical instruments of Kabardinians and Balkars are also very similar. So, from stringed instruments, shyke-pshyne, pshyne-dykuakue, ape-pshyne, kyl-kobuz are common, from wind instruments - nakire, syryna bzhemiy and sybyzgy, from drums - phachych, kars and drum. Among the most famous folk musicians, Sultanbek Abayev, Kyazim Mechiev, Bekmurzu Pachev, Kilchuk Sizhazhev and many others can be noted.

Dances of Kabardino-Balkaria

Kabardians and Balkarians are famous for their folk dances. In Kabardinians, the most common are: a smooth coupled dance, a lyric dance “Kafa”, a pair “Uj”, as well as a fast and temperamental “Islam”. Of the Balkar dances, the most famous are such as the pair dance “tuz-tepsuse”, a kind of round dance “tegerek-tepsuse” and the mass lyrical dance “abzeh”. Musical dimensions of dancing Kabardians and Balkars: 2 / 4, 4 / 4, 6 / 8. In music with 4 / 4 and 2 / 4 sizes, there are many triplets.

Oral folklore of Kabardino-Balkaria

Initially, in the past, Adyghe, Kabardin and Circassians formed a single people. They had common oral folklore, known as Adyghe. The content of the Adyghe oral folklore contains legends about the heroes (the brave Aydemirkan and Hatho Kochas), emotional lyric poems, many diverse tales and short stories, all that make up the common heritage of the three peoples.

The most important historical events of the life of the people, the national customs of the inhabitants of the region and their ideas about the ideal hero-hero were embodied in oral folk art. Very respected and popular among the people were people who masterfully performed various works of oral folk art. Their name was “jeghuaco,” which means “playing,” or artist. The heroes of the Circassian tales have always defeated their enemies - cruel, envious princes, scary monsters. Heroes fought with giants - inizi. The hero is always stronger and wiser than these giants. People always appreciated a joke and a sharp word. That is why the tales of the tricks of Khozho (among other peoples known under the name of Khoja Nasreddin), have enjoyed and still enjoy great love.

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