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Unusual single presented today German Popov: "Parallel" is a poem set to music. The performer tells how this project was born as follows:

“It was created with the aim of touching the soul of a person - a listener. We all understand that we are living in a difficult time. Natural disasters, wars, and a pandemic, in the end, strongly affect our lives. Where are we going? What is our goal?
Regardless of our beliefs, we, as civilized people, understand that there are other forces that are invisible. There is a struggle between good and evil ...
We often hear the word hell lately. And just with this composition I wanted to remind that there is also heaven ... Yes, it is possible that in our time it is not fashionable to talk about eternal and lofty things, but, unfortunately, “the truth stumbled on the square”.
At some point, life will make everyone think about its meaning ...
As one Caucasian blogger says, “whoever doesn't understand will understand”. And I will add: who does not understand, that does not need! "

Listen and download the composition of German Popov "Parallel"


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