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A composition appeared on music services Gevorgа Martirosyana "Qavor", which the artist presented on his YouTube channel in 2018

Then the track immediately fell in love with the fans of Gevorg's creativity, because the song, the name of which is translated from the Armenian language as "Godfather", is not only funny and incendiary, but also creates a festive atmosphere.

And the whole point is that the composition sings about kavor - a person without whom a wedding celebration in no one in an Armenian family can do. After all, he acts as godfather at the wedding and best man at the wedding, and then becomes the godfather of the newlyweds' children. It is the kavor who is considered responsible before God for the well-being of the new family. And Gevorg Martirosyan dedicated his author's song to this important person.

Now you can listen to the single "Qavor" on streaming sites and on our website.

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