Shami, beloved by the fans for their sincere, lively songs, he was always famous for his lyrical approach to his work and over the years of studio work he has recorded many great compositions. His velvet timbre is unmistakably recognizable from the first notes, and the intelligent approach to arranging has become a signature imprint of the artist.

The album sends the listener on a musical journey full of ups and downs and includes 13 unforgettable songs in its emotional intensity, and is named after the track “Behind You”, to which the video was recently shot.

“When I worked at the studio, I had to deal with more foreign projects. Unfortunately, I didn’t spend enough time on my own creativity, ”says the singer,“ but I got to know each other, gained experience, began to better understand different musical directions and learned how to apply the accumulated over the years in my songs. ”

So, for example, the opening release of the track “And I,” with “sticky” pop chorus, can for a long time become the same song that you, unwittingly, will be humming for days, and the track “Without You”, being the very opposite of the first , shows the versatility of Shami's talent, revealing his passion for hip-hop culture. While the elastically straight, electrified by energetics track "Your Voice" combines the softness of r'n'b and the straightness of rock music. Organizing alongside, such unlike songs create bright musical canvases.

A completely logical and important aspect of his work was the visual component. Many of the songs featured interesting clips that create completely new sensations from the tracks. For example, “Horizon” and “Behind you” - in them, as in most of his songs, the artist tells complete stories about love, passion, relationships, happiness, joy, sadness, pain. It’s hard to imagine how you can enter such vivid and unambiguous emotions into a short timeline of a song, but the singer copes brilliantly with this.

All this is reflected in the album “For you”, which is already available on iTunes, google play, Apple music, Music Beeline and Yandex Music.