Pride of the Caucasus. Angelica Nacheva celebrates anniversary!

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Happy birthday to your favorite singer!

First name Angelica Nacheva known far beyond the Caucasus region. Her songs are known and loved not only throughout the country, but also abroad. The numerous army of admirers appreciates its unquestionable vocal and author's talent, as well as the ability to work beautifully and artistically on the stage. After all, any project for which the singer is taken, of course, becomes successful. Be it a new song for yourself or your colleagues, a new video or just a new stage costume. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail. Everything is filled with love and meaning ...

Angelica Nacheva appeared on the Caucasian scene in 2005, announcing herself loudly
Angelica Nacheva appeared on the Caucasian scene in 2005, announcing herself loudly

Angelica Nacheva appeared on the Caucasian stage in 2005, loudly declaring herself. The songs "Black Night", "I Choke" instantly won the audience's love, and the audience was looking forward to each new track. “On burning coals”, “Ara wai” - there are hardly any listeners who are indifferent to these compositions. It is not surprising that the popular hits of other beloved artists in the Caucasus also belong to the pen of Nacheva. Magamet Dzybov, Azamat Bishtov, Lilia Shaulukhova, Arthur Khalatov - The list of artists performing her songs is wide, and the popularity of their hits to this day does not lose strength. But, despite all the necessary makings and opportunities, having achieved success in the Motherland, the singer never sought to conquer the Russian variety stage, preferring to remain a star in her native lands.

Angelica Nacheva: "My soul chose the Caucasus"

“I had the opportunity to get into the Russian show business, but at that moment I already perfectly understood how thorny and inconsistent with my internal attitudes this path would be,” she explains, “I didn’t want to. Not because I am afraid of difficulties, this will not scare me, but because I felt good in the Caucasus. The soul made its own choice, and I am still convinced that it is correct. "

Angelica Nacheva: "My soul chose the Caucasus"

For a while, Nacheva was in search of her stage “I”, changing styles, both in music and in clothes, and at the moment it was fully established in “her” image - the daughter of the mountains, beautiful and proud, loving her land, glorifying their ancestors, promoting peace and interethnic friendship. Angelica sings both folk songs in national languages ​​and Russian folk, trying herself in different genres and spoiling the public with experiments. That is why her 35-th Birthday is a holiday for a wide audience of its listeners.

Last year, Nacheva arranged for her guests Lemon Party, in the same - the singer is planning an Oscar-style party. Although Angelica admits that she doesn't particularly like birthdays:

“It so happened that for various reasons I had to cry on that day. Almost always. Only here are my last years. My birthdays are somehow spontaneous, fun, thanks to my close people who know how to turn this day into a real holiday. Still, when my old friends are around, it is always warm, fun and interesting! ”

Angelica Nacheva: "I don't waste time thinking about age"
Angelica Nacheva: “I don’t waste time thinking about age”

Today's anniversary is also an excellent reason to spend time with family and friends. But the singer does not spend time thinking about age and summing up the annual results, because her philosophy of life dictates - to get joy from everything and not waste emotions on something that in itself always goes invariably right.

“I never sum up the results, because I believe that everything that happens or does not happen is for the best. Even if I set some goals and did not achieve them, it seems to me that the Almighty gives us what we deserve and what will be best for us. Therefore, you should not be upset that you have not reached something by a certain age. Moreover, I have everything. And thanks to the Almighty that I have the opportunity to help my relatives and friends. I am pleased that I am surrounded by the most loyal, devoted friends who are always there when it is difficult for me and when it is good. And thanks to everyone who appreciates my work, your love inspires me every day! "

New video "Seeds" - a gift for fans

Well, a kind of gift for fans this autumn will be a new video for the song “Seeds”, which she wrote for the duet with Sultan-Hurricane. Bright video story from the life of funny village characters, filmed in the picturesque corners of the Taman Peninsula, will soon be released.

A gift for fans this fall will be a new clip of Angelica Nacheva for the song "Seeds", which she wrote for a duet with Sultan-Hurricane
A gift for fans this fall will be Angelica Nacheva's new video for the song "Seeds", which she wrote for a duet with Sultan-Uragan. Photo from the set of the clip "Seeds"

Fun clip, for which the plot was written by Sultan-Hurricane, tells about the unsuccessful attempt of a mad scientist to invent a machine called "Seed Comet 3000". All this happens to a kind song, which seems to be "from childhood", when the trees were higher, the sky is cleaner, and hearts are a discovery.

The action of the video "Seeds" with Angelica Nacheva in the title role takes place under a kind and cheerful song, which "seems to come from childhood."

“I think the sincerity of this song and the atmosphere shown in the video should touch the souls of the audience. I don't expect more. I just wanted to do something interesting, and if our viewers also like it, it will be great in general! ”- says the singer.

Angelica Nacheva on the set of the video "Seeds". June 2017
Angelica Nacheva on the set of the video "Seeds". June 2017, Taman.

We are looking forward to the new product and sincerely congratulate Angelica Nacheva on her birthday today! On behalf of Zvuk-M, we would like to wish her inexhaustible inspiration and new dizzying successes! Loud hits and, of course, endless happiness, sincere love and a sea of ​​positive!

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