Gosha Grachevsky: “The year of absence was the right decision. Ahead - only hits!

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After an absence of nearly twelve months Gosha Grachevsky back on stage. Large-scale creative achievements, chanson novelties and bright performances are ahead

Where he’s been all year, what he’s been doing—the singer’s fans have a lot of questions. The artist spoke about his plans for the future before a concert in one of the Moscow clubs.

Gosha Grachevsky
Gosha Grachevsky

“The public knows me not only as a performer, but also as a good magician, so I performed the disappearance trick for a year, in my opinion, it worked out; but seriously, for the general public, I disappeared for a year, but for me this time turned out to be quite eventful and productive. I tried myself in a new direction in terms of creativity, worked at the studio.

Gosh Grachevsky's project was created under the auspices of the Zvuk-M music publishing house together with Timur Kitov, the author of almost all of my songs. Now this work has gained a second wind, the publishing team has long become for me not even partners or colleagues, but a real creative family. Before I met Timur, I never worked professionally at all, I never recorded at a studio, he helped me develop as an artist.

My year has not been wasted, and I will, of course, continue testing with other authors and composers - precisely as part of expanding the range of the entire project. Having such a strong rear and support as Timur Kitov and Zvuk-M, you can afford creative experiments. The main thing is that their results should be a joy to the listeners. After all, a creative person is constantly in search, passes through everything that he sees and feels. So, for example, the song “Artist” appeared.

Painting is a fairly close topic for me, I like to try myself in this direction, I try to paint, and once the song “Artist” was played for me on the guitar by its author Valery Milyutin: it immediately hooked me, I realized that it was mine. Timur Kitov made an arrangement, and the song was recorded as quickly as possible. This is how the song "Passenger" appeared - it's about the path, the vector of movement, its choice and the accompanying difficulties, which is relevant now.

I want to wish the listeners and readers of Zvuk-M that they listen to only good songs in their lives and receive only positive news!

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