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Most recently, we met with Gosha Grachevsky as with a beginner, but a promising performer. Now we want to reveal to you the other side of his talent - being a creative person, Gosha is fond of not only music, but also painting.

The love for drawing was manifested in him from childhood, and Gosha's dad, who was also interested in this kind of art, was able to help her grow into something more.

“I loved to consider pictures for a long time. And the more I went into the details, the more I was surprised that a person is able to convey life through paints in such a way that it seemed like a photograph. I constantly wondered “how?”

Like all children, I drew a lot, and my father, noticing this, began to study with me. He himself drew with a pencil, and I also started with that. But, having mastered the pencil technique, I switched to oil paints, ”says Gosha.

Every year Gosha Grachevsky more and more plunged into the world of painting, making no choice between genres.
Every year Gosha Grachevsky more and more plunged into the world of painting, making no choice between genres.

Mastery has grown over the years. Gosh increasingly immersed in the world of painting, making no choice between genres. According to him, he wanted to be able to do everything. A portrait of this, still life or landscape - depended on the mood.

“I created when inspiration came. Sometimes it even visited me at night. Suddenly, sleep disappeared, and a frantic desire appeared to pick up brushes and paints and write as soon as possible ... Then what came to mind, what the imagination drew, poured onto the canvas. I don't have a workshop, so at home there is always a creative mess. Mom sometimes gets indignant, looking at all this: "again all the brushes are scattered ...", and I answer that "everything is in its place, and it is this environment that I need for inspiration," the artist says with a smile.

Gosha Grachevsky: "I presented most of my paintings to friends."
Gosha Grachevsky: “I donated most of my paintings to my friends.”

Gosh went to college design, but his professional life with the visual arts did not bind. And now, when he seriously began to engage in vocal activity, there was no time left for drawing.

“I have sold two paintings in my whole life. They were taken straight from the salon, even without frames. I gave a lot of work to friends. But now I decided to pause. Music takes a lot of time. And this is good. In any business, everyone needs a certain “creative crisis”, because it is after him that you take on the work with new forces, with a renewed soul. It is in these cases that a lot of everything that I would like to convey comes to mind. ”

Therefore, now Gosha briefly set aside brushes and paints in order to devote himself completely to vocal activity. Recall the other day released his first track "Crazy Map", and now the artist is working on recording new songs.

Soon, the light should see the first album of Gosha Grachevsky - another masterpiece on which he will not rest, because creative people are always in search of themselves and in search of inspiration ...

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