Gosha Grachevsky presented a new track in the chanson style - “The Map Doesn’t Pretend”

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A new song came out Goshi Grachevsky to the words and music of Timur Kitov - "The card is not rushing"

Gosha Grachevsky
Gosha Grachevsky

“This is probably the only song Timur Kitov and I had that really wasn’t easy for us from the very beginning,” says Gosha. “There was a period in my life when I literally had no luck in anything! Well, it just didn’t work! It’s very hard to even remember now... The only thing that usually saves me in difficult situations is painting and music. Then I chose the second one. I came to Tim, he was aware of my problems. I say: “Well, don’t rush! Happens? Let's write about this? And he wrote...
Of course, cards are a metaphor. The song turned out to be understandable and very close to me. I was immediately hooked. And then it began! We couldn't start working on it for a whole month. Either flights, or some kind of worries, or it was ridiculous: the lights in the studio went out more than once. Then it’s completely mystical - we recorded the voice, and in the end, when we transferred it to the project, it simply disappeared! Got deleted somehow. I had to write everything again. It was some kind of hell! But you won’t believe it... When we finally did it, everything in my life began to improve. What a bright streak has arrived!
She had to be born, this song. She seemed to take my worries away. Maybe these words are some kind of magic "if you want a jackpot, so raise the rates." But a lot has changed. For the better. So this is a very personal composition for me. I literally outlived it! And I'm glad that in the end she still saw the light, no matter what!
I wish you all a pleasant listening and I want to say: if the card is not rushing, do not be discouraged! A big jackpot awaits you! "

The new track by Gosha Grachevsky is already available on the largest music services and on our website.

Listen and download Gosha Grachevsky's song "Karta is not rushing"


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