Gosha GrachevskyName: Gosha Grachevsky
Date of Birth: November 22 1988 city
Place of Birth: with. Shalushka (CBD)
Education: secondary vocational
Start a music career: November 2017, XNUMX
Albums and singles: singles: “According to suit” (album), “No other need” (single), “In a tavern” (single), “Let's make peace” (single), “Violinist” (single), “Parasite” (single), “ Men "(single), "Two coasts" (single), "Never" (single), "I will always be with you" (single), "Artist" (single), "White Swan" (single), "The map is not rushing "(single), "Passenger" (single)
Life motto: "Always go straight!" G. Grachevsky: "Music for me is a whole life."

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Biography of Gosha Grachevsky

The future performer was born on November 22, 1988 in Nalchik (KBR). From childhood, Gosha was fascinated by creativity - he sang, painted, and having matured, he also learned to play the guitar.

He developed all these talents in himself gradually. And his father helped him in this. Noticing that his son draws a lot and with enthusiasm, he himself began to study with him. Having mastered the pencil technique, they switched to oil paints. The skill has grown over the years. Gosha plunged more and more into the world of painting, not making a choice between genres. He learned to paint everything: portraits, still lifes, landscapes - the choice depended on mood and inspiration.

Subsequently, Gosha graduated from the College of Design, but did not associate his professional life with the fine arts. I decided to develop another talent - vocal. An admirer of the work of Mikhail Krug and Vladimir Vysotsky, he often listened to their songs, performed first with a guitar in the yard with friends, and later at various events. And all his listeners in one voice repeated to him that it was worth trying to engage in pop activity seriously.

Once, Gosha and his friend came to the recording studio to the popular musician Timur Kitov. Hearing him singing, Timur noticed that in his voice he reminded him of Vladimir Vysotsky, and later offered to work together.

So Grachevsky got a producer, songwriter and arranger all rolled into one. Together with Timur, they recorded and released in early 2019 the song "Crazy Card", and after her, while the listeners interested in the novelty were waiting for the next composition to be released, the musicians presented a whole album - "By suit"... It included ten tracks, several of which were included in the rotation of popular radio stations.

Another talent of Gosha's multifaceted personality is tricks. He was fond of this "magic" from childhood, fascinatedly watching the tricks of Hmayak Hakobyan, whose idol he had been for a long time. Gosha is still happy to show tricks with maps and disappearing objects. By the way, it was the card trick that formed the basis of the Crazy Card video, where the artist deftly juggles while singing a song.

The popularity of Grachevsky is gaining momentum every day. The artist is constantly tours, acquainting listeners of Russian cities with his work... Gosha has repeatedly become the hero of regional radio broadcasts, and his clip is rotated on the air of the federal TV channel "Shanson TV".

In the summer of 2019, Gosha Grachevsky became the winner in the "Discovery of the Year" nomination at the "Chanson TV - All Stars" concert, which was held as part of the XXVIII International Festival of Arts "Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk 2019".

This year was also marked by the release of hits:

"In the tavern"

"Let's make it up"

In 2020, the artist released several more compositions that were instantly loved by the audience. Among them:



Now Gosha Grachevsky is actively working on recording new songs, planning a tour and plans to release a second album.

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Gosha Grachevsky. "Friends"

Gosha Grachevsky. "Friends"

Caucasian performer of romantic chanson Gosha Grachevsky presented a new composition about fidelity and true brotherhood - “Friends”. Poet and composer Valery Milyutin