"Borders" - a new composition by Karina Ko

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Karina Ko presents a new song - "Borders"

Artist: Karina Ko
Title: "Borders"

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Lyrics of Karina Ko's song "Borders"

Know where love has gone
So now I suffer again.
The song will take me away
And I am sincerely sorry for you.

I'll break all the threads between us
You close your eyes and tell me
The words that he kept for me
Go away and understand everything for a reason.

Our meeting was a mistake
Nothing will happen again
There are borders between us now
Help stop!

See the sunrise, see the sunset
You wanted to bring everything back.
Stop thinking at random
Admit it yourself is to blame.

I'll leave and leave the light behind me
Don't follow me, just give me an answer!
How did you live like this without me?
So I could not live without love ...

I killed my feelings for you.
It’s a pity that you did something stupid.
I just let it go
You have forgotten how you loved me ...

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