Grigory and Elena Stadnik wrote the anthem of the All-Russian online festival “Daddy's Day”

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Since April 20, the All-Russian online festival "Daddy's Day" has been held, organized by the All-Russian project "Large Russia". The program of the event is designed so that dads of large families from all over the country can show their role and importance in raising children.

As part of the Super Dad contest, festival participants publish photos and videos on specific topics online, under the hashtag # PapinDen2020.

On June 20, the International Father’s Day in Moscow will host the final, where videos of the best numbers from the popes of our country will be shown, winners in each category of competitions will be announced and awarded, and congratulations and performances by Russian stars: Alsu, Jasmine, Julia Banovskaya will also be an important event in the program , Angelica Agurbash, Nikolai Valuev, Alexei Vorobyov, Albina Dzhanabaeva and others.

It is noteworthy that the anthem for the All-Russian online festival “Father’s Day” - the song “Friendly Family” was written by famous musicians Grigory and Elena Stadnik.

Grigory Stadnik
Grigory Stadnik

“It was not the first time for my sister and I to work in a creative tandem. Together we wrote a hymn for children with disabilities, in addition to this, a song for Nikolai Baskov (“One Heart for Two”) and a composition for Natalya Gulkina. Therefore, when one of the founders of the festival, Alexander Komarov, told me about the competition and tender for the anthem, we readily got to work and submitted an application. Our song was selected from 50 works by different authors.
It is very nice to create a composition that unites the people of our countries. The main goal of writing the anthem was not to popularize any political parties and movements, but so that people all over Russia would at least figuratively join hands and feel like one big, friendly family!” - says Grigory Stadnik.

You can watch the broadcast of the final of the festival in "TRICOLOR" on the Info Channel in the application "TRICOLOR Cinema and TV". The broadcast starts at 12.00.

More information about the festival:


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