Sincere hopes and bright feelings of true love. Murat Thagalegov presented a new song – “Beautiful”

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Murat Thagalegov’s new song “Beautiful” has been released - a piece of music filled with emotions of immaculate love and tenderness

The atmosphere of an almost ideal picture of relationships literally from the first seconds of the work envelops the listener, forcing him to truly empathize with the main character of the song. Her words, written by the famous Caucasian author Shamil Magomedov, express a bright and unstoppable desire to be with a loved one and bring him happiness.

The canvas of the single is literally permeated with sincere declarations of love, while Murat’s characteristic charismatic delivery of the text gives the composition a special individuality and emotional depth. Everyone dreams of sincere feelings, but not everyone can talk about them so that the intangible romance of love sparkles with real life colors. Murat Thagalegov, as a recognized master, succeeded in this.

Murat Thagalegov
Murat Thagalegov

Listen and download the song:

Lyrics of the song by Murat Thagalegov - “Beautiful”

Beautiful, we would make a cute couple
you would be very happy with me
I would call you my love.

A madhouse is a madhouse and in your head you know everything around you is upside down
And in thoughts and dreams everywhere we are together
Like a boy, I'm madly in love with you.

In love... In love! I wrote these lines myself
Most... most... written.
I'm in love... in love! how good you are, how my soul burns
(2 times)

Alone again, walking around the city
Again as always.
I'm following you.
Harmless love in which you are head over heels in love with you.

Knock-knock to the beat, the heart beats again straight to the rhythm like this.
When you pass by
And I just do.
I look and admire but I don’t know
what to say…

All songs of Murat Thagalegov, concert schedule - on the artist's official website.

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