Islam and Karina Kish presented a new project

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Popular Artists Islam и Karina Kish shared good news with subscribers - the artists launched a new project! It is called "PARAGRAF", and it will differ from the usual repertoire of the duo with a completely new style and sound.

“We have been preparing for this event for a year and a half and, of course, we are worried,” the guys shared, “but cool modern music, new us, new photo sessions and performances await you. On the project's Instagram page @ paragraf.ik we will share all this with you. We invite you to our new musical journey! "
The first composition within the framework of the project - "More than love" has already been released. You can get acquainted with it just on the page @ paragraf.ik. Islam and Karina are waiting for your comments, reposts, as well as opinions - how do you like the name "PARAGRAF"?

On both projects: Caucasian and modern, the musicians will work in parallel and have already announced the release of a new song in the repertoire of the duet Islam and Karina Kish. It will be a composition in a national, ethnic style.

Stay tuned for updates, subscribe to the page of the "PARAGRAF" project and do not miss the news!

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