Islam Itlyashev: "My subscribers are my close friends!"

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At the beginning of January 2021 in Cherkessk, at the Right restaurant, we met with a popular Caucasian performer Islam Itlyashev @islam_itlyashev... In an interview, the artist spoke about his creative plans for this year, about how he selects material for a new repertoire and how he builds relationships with his listeners.

- Islam, the past year has been very fruitful for you. Your new songs hit the top charts of music platforms, clips from the first day of release are gaining a huge number of views. Please tell us what to expect for your fans in the new year?

- It's true, I am very grateful to the audience for their interest in my work and I want to inform you that there will be more! Several projects are being prepared for release, which we did not manage to release last year, and work is also underway on new material. So the year will be interesting: a lot of songs, clips, videos.
I would like to surprise and delight my listeners, to bring something new into modern music, to stand out. So far we have done well. All songs that are written and released come from the heart. I never work with material that does not touch me myself. Music should be of high quality, heartfelt, lyrics - with meaning: about friendship, love for the Motherland, for the girl, for the mother.
There will be a couple of good tracks by spring, and even more by summer. All compositions will be released simultaneously with the clips. So wait for new products, we will not let you down!

- You have about 600 subscribers on the social network. You have a big impact on your audience. How do you use this opportunity?

- With my music, glorifying the main values, I create competition for artists who promote bad habits, try to hyip in the attention of the audience, attracting him not with kindness, but with aggression, spectacles, often disgusting and unworthy. I believe that bloggers should be positive, useful, and not try to gain views at any cost. Call for the cultivation of good habits, mutual respect.
The same is true in creativity - there should be a lot of competition for the music that glorifies drugs and debauchery, so that more noble and soulful songs about the main values: family, moral, are in the top.
Unfortunately, things are turning out differently now, but I think this is temporary, and everything will fall into place. Society will understand that there is no need to go further into the hole, it is time to get out of it, to behave correctly, love the world and live in friendship and joy.

- Subscribers listen to you. There are a lot of the most positive reviews in the comments on the social network. How do you feel about your audience?

- My subscribers are my close friends. I always tell them: if you need my support in something, contact me! I will always try to support. I wish you all goodness and health!

- Islam, thanks for the conversation. We hope your plans come true!

- I also want to say a special thank you to the partners from "Zvuk-M", the director of the company - Mikhail Yugov. We are very glad of our friendship and cooperation and hope that in the future we will still declare ourselves to the whole world, showing how beautiful Caucasian music is!

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