Islam Itlyashev & Sultan Laguchev. "Bully"

Listen to the song "Hooligan" | Islam Itlyashev & Sultan Laguchev

Artist: Islam Itlyashev & Sultan Laguchev

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Premieres of Caucasian music

Seryoga Tequila. "Rolls"

Serega Tequila presents a new single - “Rolls”

Olezhka Kasper. "Without you"

Without it, the whole world will definitely go out and the planets will stop. Olezhka Kasper released a song for a happy lover - “Without You”

Gago, Ruslan Shanov. "Not worth anything"

“Love in which there is guilt is worth nothing..” A new song has been released performed by the brutal Caucasian duet Gago and Ruslan Shanov

Reisan Magomedkerimov. "Waterfalls of Pain"

The composition, filled with emotions and longing for his beloved, was presented by Reisan Magomedkerimov. The song “Waterfalls of Pain” has been released with lyrics by Konstantin Sokolov and music by Igor Kuznetsov

Temirkosh. "Mayan"

TemirKosh sang a charming and unique girl named Maya in a new single about love of the same name. The author of the song is Anzor Khaupa

Gor Armin. "I love you very much"

“You awakened my feelings, I have to live with this; I know that love is an art, but how can I be…” The heartfelt romance “I love you very much” was presented by the famous Caucasian performer Gor Armin. Words and music: Gor Artashyan and Vitaly Vishnevsky

Sultan Laguchev. "Selfish"

Meet a powerful hit from the Caucasian pop star Sultan Laguchev - the composition “Egoist”. Songwriter: Sofia Mantulina

Rustam Nakhushev, Enrasta. "Wounds"

"Wounds." A dynamic single about the difficulties of relationships was presented by the duet of Rustam Nakhushev and Caucasian hip-hop star Enrasta