Islam Itlyashev - “Rise of the Year”, Sultan Laguchev - “Discovery of the Year on YouTube” - according to TopHit!

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The Internet music portal TopHit summed up the results of 2021 and compiled charts of the best videos and performers. Among the leaders of the Russian stage are the stars of the music publishing house “Zvuk-M” - Islam Itlyashev и Sultan Laguchev

So, Islam Itlyashev became the winner in the "Rise of the Year" nomination, the number of broadcasts with him reached 148798577.

Sultan Laguchev with the number of airs 144834835 opens the list of the "YouTube Discovery of the Year" block among the artists who entered the Top YouTube Artists Russia chart for the first time. By the number of views, the artist was ahead of Instasamka (53629160) and Galibri & Mavik (51706066).

In the list of the best performers, after Khabib (230555338 airs) and Morgenshtern (168407613 airs), with the number of airs 148798577 comes Islam Itlyashev. Behind him - Sultan Laguchev (144834835 ethers). In fourth place is Niletto (120157065 airwaves).

In the block "Best video - male vocals" Sultan Laguchev and "Bitter taste" (98398509 airwaves) took second place. On the first - Khabib with the video “Malinka Berry” (187369545 airtimes). In third place is “Youth” by the group “Da Bro” (53965994 airtimes).

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