Islam Satyrov visited the office of "Zvuk-M"

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Recently, a popular musician, a talented director, arranger Islam Satyrov visited the office of a music publisher. He came to discuss further cooperation with the company and brought a new material.

The whole team "Zvuk-M" gathered for a meeting with Islam. It is time to sum up the results of the work and the results of the rotation, as well as to plan the promotion for the upcoming spring period.

Spring in the creative life of Islam promises to be hot and memorable, as this is the time of active work on a solo album. It will also include new tracks, which the singer handed over to the publisher during this visit.

The artist is currently working on 10 new songs, with as many more in the pipeline. In addition, he is thinking over an interesting photo shoot for the cover of the future album: “I don’t want to work according to the standard. Studio photography doesn't work for me. I’m looking for a photographer with an unusual perspective on things so that he can convey the character of the music I perform,” says Islam.

Already in March, the artist plans to release a new single in support of the upcoming album and shoot a video clip, the plot of which has not yet been fully developed. Islam has many ideas that he would like to share with the public, and he is also in constant creative search: “For my 30th birthday, my wife gave me a stringed musical instrument - kylkubyz. It is considered an instrument of nomads; many legends are associated with it; sacred properties are even attributed to it. I just started learning kylkubyz, it is very difficult to play. But the sound is so rich and thick. Somewhere it resembles a human voice, somewhere it resembles a wolf howl. This magical instrument is capable of producing sounds similar to even the sound of wind, when properly processed. Maybe in the future I can use it in my songs too."

Islam Satyrov's ambitious plans. The music publishing house Zvuk-M, in turn, promised to help in their implementation and ensure the highest quality content promotion.

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