IYARA: “The song“ Your eyes ”was easy for me!”

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Novelty from the Musical Publishing House "Zvuk-M" and the singer IARS - dance track of love called "Your Eyes"!

Over him, according to the singer, they worked for a long time. And not only because now we are working on several tracks at the same time, but also because I wanted to find the “same” arrangement that completely conveys the character of the composition.

“This song was written by a talented author Ruslan Rino,” says IYARA, “when he showed it to us, it somehow immediately“ hooked ”and liked all our team. Not a heavy text, a catchy motive - all this made the recording process pleasant, fast and, one might say, this song came to me easily! I think the audience will like it precisely for its lightness and positiveness ”.

From now on, you can listen to the track “Your Eyes” here on the website and on YouTube channel of the music publishing house “Zvuk-M”.

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