What clips of Caucasian stars are seen most often?

NewsWhat clips of Caucasian stars are seen most often?

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The best videos of the Caucasus. Top 10

Oh, those stories that make us cry or admire! Artists will always find a way to surprise fans of their work not only with soulful music, but also with interesting videos that you want to watch again and again.
Today we decided to compare the number of views of the most requested clips of Zvuk-M artists on YouTube and see which of these videos are the most popular. So here is the TOP 10 most hit videos of the publisher! Ready? Go!

In the first place for several years, without surrendering positions, keeps the video "To the disco!". Views of the video for the song performed by Sultan Uragan and Murat Thagalegov have long passed 134 000 000 and continue to grow rapidly.

Sultan-Hurricane and Murat Thagalegov “To the disco”
134 000 000 views

In second place is the love story sung by Manvel Pashayan - the clip “You are tearing your soul apart” gained more than 51 views. As the artist himself once put it, "people are moved by stories in which you can empathize with the main characters."

Manvel Pashayan “Tearing Your Soul”
51 000 000 views

Next, Arthur Sargsyan’s “Predal” clip, released in 2016 year, is located. Since then, the video has scored more than 34 000 000 views. If you have not yet seen, see what a man is capable of experiencing the betrayal of any woman ...

Arthur Sargsyan “Betrayed”
34 000 000 views

In fourth place is Manvel Pashayan’s video “A Tear Rolled,” viewed more than 16 times. The clip immediately aroused great interest and positive reactions from viewers who were waiting for the artist’s new projects, like the release of a Turkish series. After all, everything is here: crazy love, terrible obstacles, bright emotions, good soulful music and, of course, the song itself, which Manvel performs from the heart, bringing tears to the eyes of fans. It is unlikely that you will be able to resist empathizing with the heroes. In any case, this clip is definitely worth watching!

Manvel Pashayan “A tear rolled down”
16 000 000 views

In the very center of the rating is Arthur Sargsyan’s video “Crazy”. The clip about the carefree life of a crazy guy, surrounded by the attention of beauties, a darling of fate, free from any attachments, received more than 9 views.

Arthur Sargsyan “Crazy”
9 000 000 views

Sixth and seventh places are also occupied by Arthur Sargsyan’s videos: “I’m not an angel” - more than 8 views, and “Killer of Love” - more than 000.

Arthur Sargsyan “I am not an angel”
8 000 000 views

Arthur Sargsyan “Killer of Love”
5 000 000 views

Eighth place goes to the video for the song "Alien", performed by Shami. More 4 000 000 views have an exhilarating love triangle story. The main character of the video kidnaps the girl and her new boyfriend. Why? .. It is better to see once, you know.

Shami "Alien"
4 000 000 views

On the ninth place is “Roses, roses” by Manvel Pashayan. More 2 000 000 views and a happy story of a romantic date that ends with an engagement. We rest from tears, or cry from emotion!

Manvel Pashayan “Roses, Roses”
2 000 000 views

Well, in the tenth place are two clips: FEDOS “Baluy” and Angelika Nachesova, Sultan Hurricane “Seeds”. Both videos scored more than 1 000 000 by the number of views.

FEDOS "Baluya"
1 000 000 views

Angelica Nacheva, Sultan Hurricane "Seeds"
1 000 000 views

We are sure that each of the clips listed today deserves your attention. So once again go through the list and check which of these videos you missed, and then be sure to watch them! You will not regret. And do not forget to write to us in the comments about your impressions.

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