What artists "Zvuk-M" can be listened to on Radio "Vostok FM" and "Radio Chanson"

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Radio has again become a window to the world, which opens up new music and new names. Meet the artists of "Zvuk-M" on the radio stations "Vostok FM" and "Radio Chanson"

In the era of streaming services, FM radio stations at first glance seem like a kind of relic of the past, but full-fledged popular popularity is still defined: “plays from every iron”

Many modern cars now have CarPlay and Bluetooth, the ability to connect a smartphone, a variety of services and applications. Radio implies passive consumption of content. This is a kind of "soundtrack of your life" - if it gets into your mood now.

Radio is human expertise. This is an editorial selection “to your liking”. Teenagers and students make up the bulk of the Russian and global streaming audience. Radio is a business aimed at a wider and more solvent audience. It is more often chosen by the older generation, people who already have a car, their own apartment, smart speakers and other devices for consuming content.

An artist needs a label to work for a long time. The Zvuk-M label cooperates fruitfully with the Krutoy Media holding. The result of the joint work was an increase in the number of artists "Zvuk-M", which can now be heard on the waves Radio Vostok FM и Radio Chanson.

What artists "Zvuk-M" can be listened to on Radio "Vostok FM" and "Radio Chanson"

Rotation of artists "Zvuk-M" on "Radio Chanson" (103.0)
Gosha Grachevsky Sultan Laguchev Islam Itlyashev
Crazy Card
My madam
La femme fatale
The map is not ready
In the tavern
I will always be with you
I miss the night
not souls
War between us
Love trouble
Bully love
hot, rattling
Bitter taste
I'll be drunk today
She loved roses
Do not shoot
Aiyayai (Wild)
Azamat Tsavkilov Rustam Nakhushev Murat Thagalegov
You don't wait for me Gypsy girl To the disco (Sultan Hurricane)
lone wolf
I will give money for you
Bandit's soul
Duet of S. Laguchev and I. Itlyashev Duet "Para" (I. Malsuygenov and Z. Chotchaeva) Robert Katchiev
Made from steel
running away
stop music
Hot coffee
White doves
under the balcony
Music for all
Sultan Uragan Dmitry Yurkov Valery Milyutin
Come in large numbers
Seeds (duet with Anzhelika Nacheva)
Let's go forward
Rotation of artists "Zvuk-M" on Radio "Vostok FM" (94.0)
Adler Kotsba and RANI'M ABI Tural everest
I'll be drunk today chose me
Be closer
My girl
fire girl
Filatov, Alex/Abdulkarim Aznaur/Rakhmanov Khasbulat Alieva Marina/Huseinov Aslan
Most desired Where are you
Itlyashev Islam Itlyashev Islam/Laguchev Sultan Laguchev Sultan
AiAiAi (Wild)
Do not shoot
She loved roses
Boys in style
In the wake of the dawn
You fell in love with a bully
On the nerves
Peaceful, beautiful land
Made from steel
On Rakhat
I'll be drunk today
Bitter taste
Bitter Taste (Fayzeek Remix)
hot, rattling
Love and hate
Love trouble
War between us
not souls
Autumn misses
Sultan Hurricane/Shahzoda Sultan Hurricane/Thagalegov Murat
Assalam alaikum To the disco
Christina Rustam Nakhushev EGO
Dance Floor
Sweet dream
Three wishes
My bully
You are not mine
Anora Artur Sargsyan Ayub Vakharagov
Mio Bello (My Favorite)
Mi Amore
Mom, I'm in love
Indian tea
Kuliev Elchin Mugu Aydamir Murtazaliev Akif
Moonlight night classmate
Black eyes
Without each other
Tkhagalegov Murat Tilidze Zarina Reisan Magomedkerimov, Mikhail Chernyaev
Kalymous Habibi Hooligan

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