There is an opinion that, depending on the region in which the musician was born or the group was born, in that region he or she is listened to more often. To check this, the specialists analyzed data from the Yandex.Music service: they calculated the names of all the performers who entered the top 500 of Russian-speaking artists by the number of auditions on Yandex.Music in at least one Russian subject. This made it possible to expand the range - the final list included not only artists known throughout the country, but also those who were able to achieve popularity in several or even in one region. The experts were guided by the number of auditions in six months. So what did they find out?

The result of this work showed that the popularity of stars in their home region in most cases, indeed, is higher than the average in all regions of Russia.

An example from the top ten eminent performers: in Rostov Bast, on Yandex.Music, they listen almost one and a half times more often than the national average.

But there are artists whose countrymen are a little forgotten. For example, Stas Peha. As it turned out, at home in St. Petersburg, they listen to him twice as rarely as the average in Russia.

If you geographically indicate where the “stars are forged”, then according to the statistics of the study, one third of those who got into the top 500 come from Moscow, 13% come from St. Petersburg, followed by performers from Tatarstan and the Sverdlovsk region.

The largest number of auditions was held by such representatives of the Moscow stage as the groups “Aria” and “SEREBRO”, by the singer Julianna Karaulova and many others.

But what about the Caucasus?

Studies have shown that in the Caucasus they are actively listening to "their own". "Popularity by birth" is very clearly marked by statistics indicators.

We offer to look at the results on the example of several regions and find out who, from the performers born there, listen most often ...

- In the Karachay-Cherkess Republic, after Dima Bilan, they immediately go in popularity: Timur Shaov, Alexander Gum, Amirina, Azamat Pheskhov, Aslan Kyatov и Zurab Uzdenov.

- In the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic in the first place Murat Thagalegov, further - Sati Kazanova, Katya Lel, Efrem Amiramov, Cherim Nakhushev, Amur Uspaev, Laurita, Sultan Uragan, Lilia Shaulukhova, Azamat Tsavkilov, Astemir Apanasov, Asiyat Aslanova, Azamat Bekov, Aslan Thakumachev and Svetlana Tkhagalegova.

- In the Republic of North Ossetia - Alania, the list is opened by MiyaGi & Endgame, then go Arthur Khalatov, Ruslana Sobieva and Ayna Getagazova.

- In the Chechen Republic, 4 artists stood out: Rinat Karimov, Elina Dagaeva, Makka Mezhieva and Larisa Irizieva.

- In the Republic of Dagestan, in the first place, Jasmine, followed by Timur Temirov, Mark Tishman, Eldar Dalgatov, Khasbulat Rakhmanov, Aznaur, Archi-M, Aishat Aisaev, Samira, Magomed Alikperov, Kristina, Patimat Kagirova, Umalav Kebedov.

- In the Stavropol Territory in the first place is the group "Degrees", in the second - Semyon Slepakov, then - Albina Tokova and on the fourth - Ruslan Katchiev.

- In the Krasnodar Territory, a list of 13 stars, which for the most part includes artists known throughout the country, is completing FEDOS.

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