A collection of New Year's hits “POP 2019” was released on ZVUKM TV

Video playlist “New Year Hits Collection“ POP 2019 ”has been released for fans of the best songs in the genre of pop music. Among the stars included in the collection are popular artists of the Caucasian pop music: Arthur Khalatov, Ruslana Sobieva, Zarina Bugaeva, Sultan Uragan, Azamat Bishtov - all those performers whose work is so loved by connoisseurs of incendiary and funny songs. A collection of New Year's hits diversifies not only New Year's Eve, but is also ideal for any party or party with friends.

Collection tracklist

00:00 Arthur Khalatov - Super Hit
03:54 Alexander Mozdok - Hop Hey
07:20 Kamik - Chemistry
11:20 Ruslana Sobieva, Zarina Bugaeva - Senorita
14:30 Islam Itlyashev - You fell in love with a bully (Nariman Remix)
18:12 Angelica Nachesova, Sultan Hurricane - Seeds
21:35 Angelica Akhmedova - Half
25:04 Elkaz - Tym
28:33 Ilona Kesaeva, Victoria Elbaeva - Beautiful, guilty
32:23 Magomed Alikperov - Happiness
36:22 Sultan-Hurricane - Ksenia, burn
40:09 Olga Baskaeva - To be needed
44:06 Azamat Bishtov - I Will Never Forget
48:36 Anora - Eastern Tale
52:13 Zarina Bugaeva - Dance
56:40 Hakob Virabyan - I am yours - you are mine
01:00:03 Anastasia Avramidi - How are you
01:03:33 Oksana Dzhelieva - Take care
01:06:59 Nivaga - Stop
01:10:51 Irina Mistletoe - Open your eyes
01:14:58 Zarina Bugaeva - you are mine