Karen TUZ and TEENA present the first joint track and video - Over the Horizon

PremieresKaren TUZ and TEENA present the first joint track and clip - "For ...

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The video "Over Horizon" was released for the song Karen ACE and TEENA

This is the first duet project performers. The lyrics are written by Karen. He says that inspiration overtook him one night when the arranger sent him the melody of a future song:

Karen Tuz
Karen Tuz

“The first words of the composition perfectly describe that situation: “I’m not alone,” the motif plays monotonously. Music enslaved the verse I wrote with me...” Night for creative people is a special time when you can be alone with your thoughts, move away from the whole world and create your own little world in poetry. That's exactly what I did. As for the story that I “recreated”, many men have a heart of stone, but one appears that gives the opportunity to love. I want to say only one thing - if you ever find wings behind your back, then in front of you is exactly the one who will activate this “mechanism” and you will take off! No matter what the obstacles are, no matter what bothers you, everything can be solved!” says Karen.

Listen and download the song Karen TUZ and TEENA "Over Horizon"


Having written the song, Karen decided to perform it in a duet with the singer TEENA, previously known as Christina Arshakuni. The composition turned out so soulful that they did not stop there and filmed a video in Moscow directed by Naymada OZI (YOU SEE MEDIA).

“In the story, the main character is very bored and remembers his beloved, despite the fact that no matter how strong and proud he is. Memories appear in his head, plots scroll. In each word, he conveys his emotions. And in the end, she, too, is no longer able to restrain her feelings, and finally returns to him. After all, while we are alive, everything can be solved, and “... even the Arctic Ocean will melt from love ...”.

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