Presented a new composition in the Circassian language today Aslan Thakumachev @aslan_thakumachev_ - the song “Hat shuehun schihyet?” ("Who will give me advice?"), Written by the author of the words and composer Aslan Mamiev.

Aslan Thakumachev
Aslan Thakumachev

“Here we are talking about a guy who always strives somewhere, not knowing which direction in life to choose. He searches for himself, worrying that he is wasting time for nothing. Life seems boring to him, he does not find work, but is desperately looking for someone who can advise him on how to find his way. In one of the verses it is sung: "she’s life like sand, I will waste my time without realizing it myself, in doubt of my choice ...". In the refrain, he reiterates that he needs a person who will help him, direct him, so the hero of the composition asks the question "Who will give me advice?" - explains the performer.

Listen to Aslan Tkhakumachev's single “Hat shuehun shihhyet?” possible on our website.

Listen and download Aslan Tkhakumachev’s song “Hat shuehun schyhyet?”

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