“Kavkaz Music” presents: Azamat Bekov and Renata Beslaneyeva “Kafe, si dygye”

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"Dance, my sun" - this is the name of the composition presented today in translation from Kabardian Azamat Bekov @aza_bek и Renata Beslaneeva.

The song “Kafe, si dyge” was written by the author Aslan Mamiev and composer Kim Tlitseruk. It was first performed in the 70 of the twentieth century by the People's Artist of the Republic of Adygea, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Rose Sheozheva.

Azamat Bekov
Azamat Bekov

“Even then,“ Kafe, si dyge ”won the people's love, sounding from the radios of Adygea, Karachay-Cherkessia and Kabardino-Balkaria, - says Azamat Bekov, -
the song sings about how a guy and a girl participating in the mass festival "Jagu", having entered the dance circle, are explained in their feelings. At the same time, calling themselves “Si dyge” (“My sun”) and “Si maze” (“My Moon”) to themselves.
When recording a so-called remake for this song, we tried not to lose that mobile, playful manner performed by such compositions, and even give it a little archaicity in some moments using traditional Circassian dance tunes. ”

Listen and download the song of Azamat Bekov and Renata Beslaneeva “Kafe, si digye”


Lyrics of “Kafe, si jigye” (“Dance, my sun”)

Kafe-jagum syheshi,
Gum and Psynebzem Qeda Iue.
Sea psam and PS duras
Kemyneu, ue zym ui plapapesh.

Kafe-kafe, si jigye!
Kafe-kafe-si maze!
Ne DahitIyr Kae'gafe,
Nesyp wagueu qizdefe

Ue ui nitIim detective
Guje pelyateu sykyoshchir
Maser Wagueham Papleam
Pshe zehyhyahem kyyhoshyr

Psyyezhehyr Iuschashchau,
Ue uyyybar kyshueIuate.
Xi gurylham huafascheu
Laagunyungeshueu mebate

SoshchIe si lagunyung
GuryshchIem kyshchygyegaashchi
Kafe, Si Psem and Digye
Nasypyr warsh zykhuefashcher!

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