Caucasian artists Sultan Laguchev and Rustam Nakhushev are again in YouTube music trends

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The modern music scene is rich in talent, and in this diversity, artists from the Caucasus stand out - Sultan Laguchev and Rustam Nakhushev. Their work is not only noticeable compared to other artists, but is also actively conquering the top trends on the YouTube platform.

More and more artists from the Caucasus are attracting the attention of audiences, demonstrating not only the richness of their cultural heritage, but also modern musical trends. Among them, Sultan Laguchev and Rustam Nakhushev stand out, whose creativity actively conquers YouTube music trends.

Sultan Laguchev. Video clip “Wounded by thorns.” #3 in trends*

On November 3th, Sultan Laguchev’s video for the song “Wounded with Thorns” was released. Now this composition takes a decent 400000rd place in YouTube trends*, gaining almost XNUMX views in just two days. In the lyrics of the song, the singer skillfully reveals complex relationships where it is unclear who really plays first violin. Feelings of a broken world, the struggle between cold and heat create an atmosphere of mystery. This piece of music makes you think about how often beauty can be powerful and unexpected. The clip's plot skillfully uses images and footage to convey the complexity of relationships, a broken world, and captivity in beauty, as if in the cage of an animal.

Rustam Nakhushev. Video clip "Call me." #14 in trends*

Rustam Nakhushev, who also represents the Caucasus in the music arena, does not remain in the shadows. His music video for "Call Me" is currently trending at #14 on YouTube* with over 390000 views it has received in a week. This composition is distinguished by its sophistication and deep meaning, and the video visually conveys the emotional mood of the performer. The heart of the video is a touching and deep song, filled with emotions and melodies that make you think about loss and hope.

Sultan Laguchev and Rustam Nakhushev are prominent representatives of the new generation of musicians from the Caucasus. Their success in YouTube trends and on stage testifies to the demand for their work. We congratulate the artists and express confidence in their further successes. Let each next step be filled with new creative discoveries, their talent will continue to inspire and delight fans!

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* Places in the top are indicated as of 16:00MSK 09.11.2023

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